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Buffalo Bills named a potential fit for Antonio Brown in recent article

The Buffalo Bills have the cap space and the need at receiver to trade for Antonio Brown. That means the team will be linked to the star all offseason.

My favorite part of the NFL offseason is all the madness that takes place when it comes to rumors.

The Buffalo Bills will be in the mix of many rumors now that the team has a ton of cap space. That space could mean the team targets a legitimate star via free agency or a trade.

The biggest name potentially on the move is Antonio Brown. The Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t going to cut him, due to financial reasons, but he could be traded.

A recent article written by Michael Ginnitti of Spotrac, where I go for all my sports salary information, looked at four teams that make sense when a Brown trade is brought up. As you may have guessed by now, the Bills were one of those teams.

The other three were the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and New York Jets.

There are two problems that come up when discussing a potential trade for Brown. The first problem is the cost. The second is the drama surrounding someone like Brown.

The first problem gets worse when considering the second, as the Bills don’t want to potentially give up several top picks for a player who may not show up to play in Buffalo. Or show up for a year then do what he is doing now.

Here is what Ginnitti had to say about the potential fit:

Outside of Sammy Watkins, who was hampered by injuries much of his career in Buffalo, the Bills haven’t had a bonafide WR1 in years. While they’re likely to address the position both in free agency and in the draft, bringing in a player of Brown’s capabilities would be a big step forward – though his recent antics would be a major red flag, as the current Bills’ organization has taken drastic measures to change the culture of the team of late.

The idea of trading for Brown is great when just thinking about his performance on the field. However, I don’t see the Bills sacrificing the culture for one individual player. Especially one who is not a quarterback.

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The Bills are going to remain a team connected to Brown all offseason due to the cap space and the glaring need at receiver. I’m just not sure it would be a good fit unless somehow Brown made it clear he would love to be a member of the Bills.

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