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Is Adam Gase to the Jets good for the Bills?

There will be two head coaching changes in the AFC East this offseason. One has already been made, coincidentally with former Miami head coach Adam Gase, heading north to now coach the Jets.

Many Bills fans this week were wondering whether Gase going to the Jets is good or bad for the Bills?

Change can often be good, but in the NFL good rarely changes a situation for the better right away. We cover the change in New York, Shaq Lawson’s fifth-year option, free agency and veteran FA LB Thomas Davis.

1 – From @ajohnson2693: Do you think that the hire of Adam Gase to the Jets is a good thing for the Bills? Personally, I think it helps Buffalo, due to the fact that we’ve had his number the past two years

CB: I do see it as beneficial to the Bills, just because it’s a new coach starting over in New York. It’s very hard to get all the ducks in a row and win consistently that first season. Now Gase was able to do that in his first season in Miami, when the Dolphins made the playoffs, but things fell apart after that.

I think Gase will make Sam Darnold a quality QB in this league, but his problem is enacting discipline with a team. More than one Miami reporter has told me that there were multiple issues in the Dolphins locker room and that the team concept wasn’t effectively implemented by Gase.

Maybe he’ll learn from that and do better in New York, but it’ll be interesting to see if he can be as effective a leader as he is an offensive mind.

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