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Not worrying about alternate history with Frank Reich as HC

There was reportedly some support for the Buffalo Bills to hire Frank Reich several years ago. Instead, we are left to wonder what could have been.

Buffalo Bills folk hero Frank Reich is set to appear in his second playoff game as a head coach this afternoon.

If the Bills had faith in him a few years ago, perhaps he would have already appeared in the playoffs as the head coach of the team.

A recent article by Tim Graham of The Athletic explained how some Bills legends supported the hiring of Reich back when Rex Ryan ended up being hired by the team.

The article requires a subscription to read, so here is a link to an article on Bills Wire talking about the story.

My main takeaway from all this is that fans shouldn’t spend too much energy wondering what could have been.

It sure would have been cool to have a former Bill as the head coach, and one who is clearly a good coach as well. Yet for fans seeing Reich in the playoffs now, it is also fair to note that he showed up with a great team in Indianapolis. Who knows how things would have gone in Buffalo.

Alternate histories are always fun to talk about when it comes to professional sports. Maybe a star player changed his mind about signing with the team at the last minute, or one play went a way that changed franchise history forever.

Yet for this particular situation, the Bills are in good hands with Sean McDermott. I also believe the team needed Brandon Beane to come to town to straighten things out with the roster and the cap situation. That may have never happened if Reich showed up and the team had some minor success right away.

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All Bills fans can do is be happy for Reich. He ended up in a situation that was good for him.

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